Sunday, 4 March 2007

Show No. 13

1998-03-15 Entertainment Center, Brisbane, AUS

Show Info:
1998 Yield Tour Show
Set Length: 120min
Attendance: 15,000
Support Act: Shudder To Think

Main Set:
Release, Hail Hail, Animal, Do the Evolution, Faithfull, Wishlist, Corduroy, In My Tree, Alive, Nothingman, Brain Of J, Given To Fly, Daughter, MFC, (I'm Open)/I Got Shit, Immortality, Black, Even Flow, Porch
Footsteps, Leaving Here, Betterman/(Save It For Later), Spin The Black Circle, Rockin' In The Free World

Show Notes: Extremely tight security makes taping difficult. An incredible show with the band in spectacular form. The crowd in the front begins "surfing" the chairs in the seated area back over their heads. Ed tells how he was sitting under a tree in Brisbane's Botanical Gardens watching the full moon (the night before) and heard a strange noise, that he had practiced the sound, and takes a mouthful of water and gurgles out a noise, coughs and says something like, "I hear they are native around here." (This may have been a possum noise and we've heard other speculations.) At the end of 'Daughter' when Ed can't seem to think of what to say, he proceeds to lead the crowd in a chant, answer/response style. Even Flow is a big highlight, with Mike's outstanding solo (being rather detached the rest of the night) while Ed goes to the back of the stage and starts breakdancing! Ed brings someone on stage (a crowd member?) to play Mike's part on 'Leaving Here,' with Ed ending the song with a Townshend jump, quickly following with 'Better Man.' Ed drinks and then tips beer on the crowd during 'RitFW.'

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