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Show No. 6

1996-03-03 Melbourne Park, Melbourne, AUS

Show Info:
1998 Yield Tour Show
Set Length: 97min
Support Act: Shudder To Think

Main Set:
Sometimes, Last Exit, Brain Of J, Faithfull, Animal, Red Mosquito, Corduroy, Wishlist, Once, Jeremy, Daughter (false start), Given to Fly, Daughter/(Another Brick in the Wall), Trouble, Betterman, MFC, Improv, Habit, Even Flow, Do The Evolution
Hail Hail, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive

Show Notes: PJ is in a great space - relaxed, looking like they are enjoying being there with great interplay with each other. Jeff is laid back and not jumping or bouncing around a lot, but concentrating on the music all night. Ed's voice is good, he seems happy and talks with the crowd and hands out various items up front quite a lot. Mike again is on fire all night, awesome beyond words. He is amazing on 'Corduroy,' the show highlight, with Ed doing Pete Townshend jumps and playing guitar on the floor! ("That's quite nice actually ... laying on the floor in front of your amp.")Stone begins a (false) start to 'Daughter' (Jeff has the wrong bass!), followed by Ed making an aside that Jeff, Stone and Mike are going to use the "paper, scissors, rock" method to decide what to play next; they do, much to everyone's amusement, and Ed then says, "Michael won ... we're gonna play his one first" leading to 'GTF.'After 'Daughter,' Ed notes, "Good singing!" Smitty brings out a stool for Ed, and he is spotlighted in the darkened venue. It looks amazing and he says, "Darth Vader would say, 'Impressive!'" This leads to Ed's lovely solo of 'Trouble,' a Cat Stevens ballad. A new(?) song is played with lyrics along the lines of "people try to settle me down, try to tell me what to do ... my good friend, get outta my room," that leads to 'Habit.' Someone jumps on stage during 'Black' to touch/shake hands and Ed speaks briefly with the fan before continuing. 'Alive' is a pleaser, complete with Ed throwing the microphone around like a lasso, a la Roger Daltrey.

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